Black Lives Matter And Ignance!

I am so sick and tired of folk making the statement Black Lives Matter what they want it to be. I wear my Black Lives Matter shirts daily not because I am a member of an organization called Black Lives Matter but I wear it simply as a Statement to Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Negroes.

What tickles the hell out of me is folk that know me, know who I am and that I will stand up and speak out. So since they know that and I have done it long before I had my shirts made in Raleigh around 3 years ago what is your damn problem? My damn shirt don’t make me but it sends a Statement that my black butt matter whether you like it or not. I have always been a productive citizen, started working when I was 5 years old as I worked on the farm not because I had to but because that is my family background, we will work. I have worked 2 jobs from the early 80’s up until the early 90’s while continuing to farm not because I had to but because I wanted to. I have been working on my current job for 29 years and nearly 8 months beginning in 1987 and remember I worked 2 jobs up until the early 90’s plus farmed. My dad and I gave up the farming in 2010 and began to rent it out. This was just 6 years ago. So this is why I get ignant when folk be talking about black folk are lazy. Well be specific when you talk around me because I damn sure ain’t the one.

Now that I have reminded you of my work history, those of you who know me, know this so when I wear my Black Lives Matter Shirt how in the hell can you connect me to violence being a thug and other? Okay when folk don’t know you, they will make assumptions about you but that is why one need to do their homework so they will not look ignant when they find out who the real Curmilus Dancy II (Butch) The Political Agitator ie: The Watch Dog of The East is. Don’t be mad with me because I ain’t scared to say what I mean and mean what I say because I will not bow down to no man. I do my homework so that when I say what I mean I can back it up with the facts. I get emotional based of facts and not opinion. And if and when I make an error about something, I will apologize and/or stand to be corrected.

I am going to start being more vocal when folk be they Pastors, Church Officers, Elected Officials and from all walks of life make a statement about Black Lives Matter that I feel based on the facts are totally ignant and put Black Lives Matter in a negative spotlight.

Folk tickle the hell out of me talking about All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter and making up other stuff that matters to downplay Black Lives Matter. Well what I just said is all of those lives matter but for instance as a relates to Blue Lives Matter wasn’t the black man black before he began in law enforcement? White Officers Lives Matter and if white folk want to talk about White Lives Matter, I have no problem with that. But why ignants got to be mad with me because I make a statement that Black Lives Matter. Well I am gonna continue to do it daily so your ignant butt gonna stay mad with me a long, long time.

The older I get the less tolerance I have for ignance so don’t bother me because you gonna hear from me.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Now Run & Tell That!


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