Whig-TV Is The Source That It Shinning Negative About Rocky Mount NC Twice A Day!

WHIG-TV Morning Show is about as ignant as it gets.

Since I can not see the show live in the morning from 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM I sometimes look at it being rebroadcasted on the same night at 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM.

Today August 10, 2016 show broadcasted at live at Don Bulluck Chevrolet and also sponsored by Church on the Rise. How do these folk support such a mess? These 2 guys (white) are up here talking about the Edgecombe County Public Schools meeting held on Monday night and these guys have no clue about what they are talking about. And then Rev. Roosevelt Higgs (black) called in and told them if they played the meeting from a meeting in Rocky Mount on last Thursday that it would answer their question. Well since the WHIG-TV recorded the meeting why did he need to call them. I videoed the same meeting matter of a fact I was a co-sponsor of the meeting. The meeting referred to is the Save Our Schools Education Forum Rocky Mount NC.

Higgs is the same one that went after Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight residency years ago and the county ended up getting sued over his ignance. WHIG-TV played a major role trying to get Knight removed. See NC Court Of Appeals Rules in Knight’s Favor.

These guys are trying to scare folk about Safelite leaving and damn fools talking about like Obama you looking for hope. When folk call in and say it is nothing that people could do to keep Safelite here. But they talking about the leaders need to come together and get talk about stopping the bleeding. How ignant!

Folk tune and see just how ignant The Morning Show is watch at either of the times mentioned above.

I wonder how much longer will the good folk of Rocky Mount allow this station to continue to run the city down?






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