Black Lives Matter But Don’t Get It Twisted

As I am about to meet with some folk next week to put a Black Lives Matter Forum together in the local area, this following is one of the reasons why I have been and continue to be actively engaged in what is going on around me. So many times things get twisted and my role is to make sure folk know where I stand.

I have no problem with folk making comments about anything but when their comments include what I do, then I will make sure it is clear where I stand on issues. However it should already be clear because it is written (my blog and other social media sites) including videos that I do so folk will know just what I do.

I was feeling bad sinus draining so had went to sleep around 6 PM and woke up around midnight and ran across a facebook post and I had to respond. I was just responding to them ignant racist white folk over at WHIG-TV who continues to attempt to mislead folk about what is going on in the Twin Counties.

And then I ran across the following about a young black male who was killed by a vehicle. I understand that someone had called 911 and told them they thought they had hit a deer but then I understand the next day a body was discovered along the highway. I responded to the following:

What has Black Lives Matter got to do with this situation? I have heard bits and pieces about someone got killed on Hwy 42 and I heard the name Dickens but to find out after a whole 24 hours went by nearly that it was a Diggins. It was out that it was a cousin of mines but then I find out it was not him.

Someone asked me about the situation at work yesterday and I was unclear about the situation and asked them again as I was leaving. Just by accident I ran up on some folk talking about the situation when I got to Pinetops. Confirmation.

Then I began to make some phone calls to find out exactly who and had them to send me a photo. I found out information about what suppose to have happened and what the word was on the street. But since I am not in the circle of friends connected to the deceased, I don’t know what the situation was surrounding the accident.

But what I do know is I talked to someone close to the deceased and that was all I could do and I don’t know anything else I can do. What I do know is folk know they can call me if they feel like I can be a resource to them.

Back to Black Lives Matter. What tickles the hell out of me is when folk use stuff like that when it is convenient for them because for me if Black Lives Matter to them when something happens to their family friends, what about when they see them headed down the wrong path. Nope lots of times folk hang out with folk knowing the life they are living but don’t encourage them to do better but as soon as soon as something happens, they are all about them. I look at comments made by some of my family.

Help me to understand what need to be done about this situation that need to be compared to coming together because it is done when the white man kill black folk and the police kill black folk? I have been actively engaged in fighting for black folk since the late 80’s and I haven’t seen numerous of folk out here helping me fight so I take stuff like this to heart so it can help me further do what I have been doing over the years.

However I know what time it is and really don’t need any direction from folk because I live in the real world and know the black side, white side and I know how much my black life matter. First of all I make sure others know how much it matter because I am out here fighting for other black folk the young and the elderly. I chose to do this in the late 80’s by joining Black Workers For Justice, NAACP and numerous other organizations not because I had a problem like folk do when they get in trouble. I have attended school board meetings and all other meetings in the county but also numerous meetings across the state fighting for folk.

When there were crime in the local area, family and and non family I was there. When the flood came I was fighting for folk to get back to situated.

I am just stating my ignant comment because for those who don’t know where I stand on the Black Lives Matter issue be they black or white, All Lives Don’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter and it begin with individuals.


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