Fake Damn Christians

So how do fake damn Christians stand up in church and act like they are all of that?

So how do fake damn Christians especially those whom hold offices in church beginning with the Pastor, ain’t married but call themselves in a relationship and have been in a relationship for many, many years but think folk ought to take them serious?

But they think it is alright to stand up in the church and tell somebody about being righteous. Nope I ain’t saying they have to be perfect but I be damn if something ain’t wrong if you continue to live in sin for many, many years. Oh hell no ain’t no such thing as somebody got to see you committing adultery for it to be so.

Well folk you may fool some folks but you can’t fool me.

But you know I don’t hold it against these fake damn Christians, I blame those who allow these fakes to not be held accountable for their actions. But then folk don’t understand why folk don’t want to attend church, pay tithes and etc. when the pastor and the officers don’t live up to their role.

I just sit back and look at these fakes and shake my head.

Ain’t nothing fake about me because I have stated time and time again I am not there yet and I holds no office.

Now Run & Tell That!



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