Fundraiser For Taro Knight Edgecome Community College Tarboro NC

Cherry Hill MBC Choir and Pines Chapel MBC Choir sang up a storm on Sunday July 31, 2016 for a fundraiser for Tarboro Councilman Interim Mayor Taro Knight and former NCEP School Director as he battle with Acute Lukemia. The fundraiser was held to help him with funds as he has to travel to Chapel Hill NC for a stem cell transplant. He must stay in the Chapel Hill area for 90 days while going through the treatment. The event was sponsored by A.A.M.E.N. (African American Men Enhancing Neighborhoods). Donations can be made to Taro Knight fund ~ Union Baptist Missionary Church PO Box 121 Tarboro NC 27886 (memo line the Care of Taro Knight). There is also a Go Fund Me Page online. Enjoy the video and the photos below.

Click on photo to watch video


Click on photo to view more photos



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