It Is One Thing To Be Insane But To Be Insane And Ignant, That Is A Real Problem!

Do this Insane Ignant dude not realize who the majority are in Washington and what they have done since President Obama has been in office?

I don’t know which is worst, the issue with videos of senseless murders or the week of the RBC.

Just can’t make this b.s. up!

But then I look at folk who think this is reality! SMDH!

So glad I don’t have to depend on anyone black, brown, white and/or other to think for me because I know what I see, know what I know so that is why I can say what I say!

New owner, new plan for old Hardee’s headquarters in Rocky Mount

A pair of Raleigh-area investors have purchased the former Hardee’s Restaurants – and later Centura Bank and RBC Bank – headquarters campus in Rocky Mount with optimistic plans to turn it back into a jobs magnet for eastern North Carolina.

The 27-acre campus that’s next to the rail line that splits the town between two counties, has six separate buildings with a combined 206,000 square feet of office, flex and warehouse space, room to park 600 cars, plus a vacant three-acre lot for future expansion. (Triangle Business Journal)

CSX Community Meeting

CSX Community Meeting

There will be a Community Meeting with CSX on Wednesday, July 27 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in the Edgecombe County Administration Building, 201 St. Andrew Street, Tarboro, NC

Thank you Commissioner Viola Harris for the invite


From the Facebook page of Commissioner Jonathan Felton

I wanted to let everyone know what a great thing it is that the new CSX Hub Terminal is going to be located in Edgecombe County. The jobs are going to be high paying and will fit well with our available labor supply. Average salaries will be approximately 60,000. Let me assure you that South Carolina did not turn the Terminal down. According to Gpvernor McCrory they were the last competition that we had to defeat and Governor Haley was very upset that they did not land it.The reason I mention this is what happened is because I heard a rumor to the effect that was the case. Believe me, that was definitely not true! The people who turned it down was Johnson County. The Commissioners there had a ground swell of opposition to the plan because they were going to take a great number of homes from folks who did not want that to happen. We were fortunate to have Norris Tolson start to work as our Industrial Developer about the time of the Johnson County rejection. He thought it was a perfect fit for us and immediately began to work on landing it. He started putting options for land together (approx. 750 acres) to build it on. Norris is one of the smartest people I have ever known. He has put this all together since January. Its almost inconceivable that he could land a project this fast, but he did. CSX is going to employ about 300 permanent, full time employees once the facility is operational. They will also hire approximately 700 for construction. Our Governor says it will mean 1500 jobs state-wide.NOW FOR THE REALLY GOOD NEWS: We believe this is only the beginning of the turn around for Edgecombe County. We have approximately 1500 acres in Kingsboro (Hiway 64) that we have controlled with options for a good while. We have been really close a few time to landing a game changing industry at Kingsboro. We believe that the new freight hub will be the catalyst for tremendous development beginning soon. Norris told me he has already had inquiories since the CSX announcement!. We think this is the beginning of the turn around for our County that we have all worked and prayed for so long. I personally thank you, the tax payers for giving us the support and time to make this happen. I truly believe that all good things happen in God’s own time. And I know he has watched over us all this time. Our citizens deserve the same education, job opportunity and family life as the rest of North Carolina and I thank God Almighty