Black Lives Matter!

Tickles the hell out of me how folk are so ignant to the words of Black Lives Matter.

Ok you don’t know the folk out there that are members of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Hell I don’t know a single person who are a member of the Black Lives Matter Movement personally. I can’t name one person who is a member.

imageI had my shirts made around 3 years ago in Raleigh when I attended the HKonJ (Historic Thousand On Jones Street) march sponsored yearly by the NAACP and numerous organizations across the state and nation. I am a Life Fully Paid member of the NAACP and also I am listed as one of the organizations as The DCN. I designed my shirts as the guy was making them on the spot. I had 2 t-shirts made and 2 sweat shirts made with “Black Lives Matter” on the front and “I Can’t Breathe” on back and vise versa on the 4. Last year I purchased a “Black Lives Matter” Shirt from a local printing company.

I have been working since I was 5 years old and on Christmas Day 2016 I will turn 54. In January 2017 I will be have worked on my current job for the past 30 years.

I have been a community activist and engaged in politics since the late 80’s working to help get good folk elected black, brown, white and other.

When I began fighting for justice seeking out organizations not because I had personal issues but because I wanted to be a voice for the young and the elderly because they were either afraid to speak for themselves and/or because they didn’t know what to do.

Because I say Black Lives Matter why does that offend you? I have no problem with you saying White Lives Matter or whomever you are. Hell I agree with you. But I am a Black Man and I say it proudly and boldly and will continue to say it all the days of my life.

Now folk are coming up with Blue Lives Matter. I agree! However I read somewhere where someone wrote that Blue Lives Matter and that a Black Policeman was killed will Black Lives Matter protest that? Damn! First of all that is just ignant to me because 1st of all the policeman was Black 1st so he was Black and Blue. This is the same for the White Police Officer he was White before he became Blue and so there is where All Lives Matter kick in.

Folk who are upset and ignant to the fact that Black Lives Matter is a movement and it is not about negativity but about positivity in making Black, Brown, White and Other folk aware that Black Lives Matter is real. I am about the movement as long as it is peaceful protesting.

I have been having a flashback to years ago when I attended meetings especially school board meetings and it was said that young black males were at-risk. I said all black men young and old were at-risk. Because I have been actively engaged in activism since the late 80’s, I am not excited about the Black Lives Matter Movement, hell I have been a part of the movement since that time. What I am excited about now is looking at how other folk are excited that should have been excited back then but they are just getting it now.

imageDr. Martin L. King and other leaders whom have fought and died for justice for Black folk and other folk, was a part of the Black Lives Matter Movement hell it was not called that but in my ignant opinion it was just that. I have stated time and time again in meetings and etc. over the years that when BLack folk are treated fairly and equal that all folk gain.

Folk I don’t put all folk in one category. Although some white folk have treated black folk like animals over the years, I don’t hold it against all white folk. So when I say things such as Ignant Racist White Folk, that mean I am not talking about all white folk, just those who meet the qualifications. Because I have not been afraid to speak up against injustice I have been a called a militant by Ignant Safe Black Folk and a racist by Ignant Racist White Folk. But it don’t matter because I know who I am and whose I am and I will continue to stand for justice all the days of my life.

I love all folk even those who don’t understand me. I can not make folk love me and I will not try. I will continue to be me a strong Black Man and if that offends white, black and other folk, well you will be offended until . . .

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” My interest has been and continue to be equality and justice for all!