Black Lives Matter

Quincy W. Robinson

I suspect that there are some African-Americans who don’t care to offend some of their white friends by declaring that “Black Lives Matter.” I am comfortable with the explanations and the treatise that the founders of the movement have been forced to recite over and over again. And, I know of no reason to apologize nor a requirement to do so to maintain my list of friends who happen to be white.

Many high profile leaders in our nation will systematically proclaim that African-Americans should do more to promote peace, safety and harmony in our own communities. The Black Lives Matter movement attempts to do just that. But, we are criticized for declaring it a “Black” thing. That makes no sense to me. And, I have no spare energy to continue a debate about something which does make perfectly good sense to me. Black Lives Matter.

I take delight in hearing the use of the word “empathy” that has been resounding constantly by leaders of good conscience and understanding. To empathize, is to put yourself in my place, walk in my shoes, and to experience how it feels to be insultingly referred to with words that degrade and dehumanize you and actions and policies that put your lives in jeopardy. Try it. You won’t like it; but, the attempt might give you a greater level of understanding, if you have a willingness to accept it.

Of course, all lives matter. We get that. But, that has not always been the case. Those of my generation experienced it first hand; and, our successors are feeling much of the same. They are neither paranoid, delusional nor driven by hate.

For me, the choice is quite simple. For some of my friends who refuse to see the world through my eyes, I regret that empathy is not a part of your comprehension when you see us doing things that address our concerns and dare to name it what it is.

Yes, Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter Freedom & Justice for all Black Lives

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