Folk Stop Being Ignant! I Am A Black Man Not By Choice But By Birth, Got A Problem With That, I Can’t Help You

When I say Ignant Racist White Folk, I am not talking about all white folk. When I say Ignant Safe Negroes, I am not talking about all Negroes (Black Folk).

When I hear someone talk about Black Folk in the negative, unless they specify I don’t take it they are talking about all Black Folk especially when I know that I don’t fit in that category.

When I hear folk talk about Police ie: Law Enforcement in the negative I don’t take it to be all Police because I know there are good Police.

When grown folk and folk who are not ignant to what is real and what is perceived, stop trying to justify their mess because they want to twist stuff, the better off the world will be. Everybody know some good folk in all of the categories I named however yes we know some are bad also. But don’t try to use words to justify doing something or saying something ignant. For instance when you hear folk talk about certain folk that fit in these categories in the negative, don’t lump all folk in these certain categories together.

Now when things happen I don’t want to hear bits and pieces about the matter at hand for instance when there are fatal deaths in the presence of the Police. When there is a recent death when there is a Police and a citizen involved such as a traffic stop, let’s take it from the beginning. Let us look at why the Police was present, what the citizen was doing, what happened while the Police and the citizen are interacting up until the tragic moment if death is in the equation. Let’s look at if the citizen may have been breaking the law at the time but was the Police life and/or the citizens life put in danger at any moment. What was the final outcome? Let’s look at all of the facts presented and speak to the facts and base opinions on the facts.

Don’t get mad with me because I say “Black Lives Matter!” I am a Black man and I say it boldly and proudly. I have no problem with white folk and other folk saying their lives matter. I ain’t mad with you. But you ain’t fitting ready to tell me that I can’t talk about what the government say I am and that I can’t be damn Black and Proud. All I have to say when you want to talk about Black folk around me, just make sure you know the difference between this Black Man and the one that is ignant to what is going on around him because I ain’t the one.

I am not a member of the group “Black Lives Matter” and I have no problem with them as long as they are speaking out about injustices and not the enforcers of injustice.

Now Run & Tell That!

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