Black Lives Matter Co-founder DEMANDS “White Folks” Stop Saying “All Lives Matter”…It’s Racist!

The Watch Dog response: I am not a member of Black Lives Matter and don’t know anyone that is personally. However I haven’t seen anything that they have done but attempting to promote awareness as to why Black Lives Matter! I don’t see anything wrong with that and welcome that with open arms. I don’t promote illegal activity and I have seen where they have promoted such. So until such time, I am down for awareness however I am very much aware and actively engaged bringing about awareness myself.

Marissa Jenae Johnson is a cofounder of Black Lives Matter and now insists saying “all lives matter” is a “new racial slur,”

In a Fox News interview she said, “White Americans have created the conditions that require a phrase like ‘Black Likes Matter’. Do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you? While you’re literally being gunned down in the street, while you’re being rounded up and mass incarcerated and forced into prison slavery.”

“Black Lives Matter is not a strong enough statement for me,” Johnson said. (ETF News)


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