In Response To The Children Killed By The Gorilla And The Alligator

True race had nothing to do with it.

However, “The parents in Florida were from the Midwest and unless you live in the south, you’re kinda not expecting an alligator to come out of the water. No alligator signs” What the h? I read the following, “Lane Graves was doing what any 2-year-old boy would be doing on a hot Florida evening — splashing around in the shallow waters of a lagoon. His parents and sister, Nebraskans all, were nearby on the beach at a Disney resort here, relaxing, carefree.

Suddenly, an alligator sprang from the water and clamped its jaws around the boy. Lane’s father, Matt Graves, bounded into the lagoon to wrestle his son from the animal’s steel-trap grasp, but lost the battle, according to an account by the Orange County sheriff, Jerry L. Demings.”

Ed Frank, visiting from Charlotte, N.C., with his wife and two sons, said Wednesday that he was sure the Graveses had been careful. “But we’re in Florida, and there are alligators in bodies of water,” he said. “Alligators in their natural environment are good at camouflage. It’s what they do.”

D! then you say, “But the kid in the zoo? His parents saw the gorilla. What they didn’t see was their own kid. Totally different circumstances and race has nothing to do with it. Parenting. Not race.” Really? So to say the black parents thought their child would find a way to get in their with the gorilla is just too ignant! SMDH!

Both were tragedies and both were accidents. Neither parent went to the d locations thinking that they would lose their children there.

The issues now are what can be done to prevent these 2 types of accidents from possibly happening again. As I have stated before, if there is a law that can prove these accidents were child abuse then let the law take it course but if not, then folk need to be concerned about the parents losing a child and what will be done to keep these accidents from happening again.

Just my ignant opinion!

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