Pam Saulsby on the disturbing job of a substitute teacher – News & Observer

The Watch Dog response: This is a very good article. The comments shows what kind of mentality some folk have when discussing such an issue. But when reading their comments I am lead to believe that they have some mental issues as well. Never seems to amaze me what some ignants have to say.

If I had a magic wand, there would be fewer black and brown faces in classrooms reserved for those with behavioral problems and emotional disorders.

I am a substitute teacher in the Wake County public school system. I’ve been at it only six months or so, but the impression will last a lifetime. It has been, in a word, disturbing.

The work is demanding, with its urgency, frayed nerves and hopscotching from one school to another. But what continues to strike me as I navigate the hallways is the insolent behavior of many students of color. They’re nearly always black or brown young men disrespecting themselves and others with little regard for the consequences. (News & Observer)