Ex-Princeville mayors seek police force – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: I don’t get it. I have been to meeting after meeting and I have heard these 2 cry. Well my ignant opinion the dollars do not add up. They say it cost $250,000 at the moment to have policing but they say they can have their own police department at the cost of $184,000 a year with 2 officers. Well so my question will those 2 officers cover Princeville  24 hours a day? What will happen if one gets sick or need some time off? What will happen when one will want to take vacation? I understand these 2 want their own police department but they don’t have the money to really run a police department I don’t believe. I think everyone would agree with these 2 if Princeville could afford their own police department that would be the best thing but until then it is what it is. But just my ignant opinion.

PRINCEVILLE — Two former Princeville mayors are telling the Town Board of Commissioners its past time they had their own police force.

Ed Bridgers, mayor from 1974-81, recently presented the board a petition with the signatures of more than 200 residents who want a police department during Monday’s town meeting. Bridgers has been pushing for a police department at town meetings for the past several months.

“Since November 2015, I’ve been begging for a police department and nothing has been done about it,” Bridgers said, adding he’s met with town staff but disagreed on whether the town had enough money for a police department.

The Princeville Police Department ceased operations in late 2014 after the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a request from Princeville and the Local Government Commission for the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office to take over law enforcement duties for the town. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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