Open Letter to Edgecombe County Commissioners Pertaining To Nash-Rocky Mount And Edgecombe County Public Schools De-merger

I sure hope you my Edgecombe County Commissioners do not bow down to the Nash County Commissioners as they push the Nash-Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County Public Schools split.

It is obvious that the split is being pushed by Nash County Commissioners Robbie Davis (WM) and Fred Belfield (BM). I don’t understand how Belfield has bought into Davis mess.

It will be a sad time if you allow these 2 jokers to make you all agree to their terms when it will put a burden on Edgecombe County and also what folk don’t understand it will not be good for Nash County either.

I am so glad to see the numerous letters to the editor in the Rocky Mount Telegram whereby several folk have collectively and singularly voiced their concerns against the de-merger. For me this should be enough for Edgecombe County to not agree to the de-merger under any terms.

The main thing if I am correct is Nash County Commissioners have tried to paint a picture of why the de-merger is necessary by trying to eliminate the Rocky Mount City Council from participating in the funding process. They have also made it clear they do not want them at the table. I say it is because the Rocky Mount City Council is a black majority council and many have had a problem with that when they seen it about to happen. Well the saying is if you are not at the table you are on the menu.

I am asking my Edgecombe County Commissioners to not agree to the de-merger on any terms and simply because Nash County Commissioners have not presented a real reason why it is necessary. This has nothing to do with Educating children but more about POWER!

Thanking you in advance.

See letters: Nash-Rocky Mount School Split Mess – These Letters Speak Volume


Curmilus Dancy II
The Watch Dog 


Tarboro NC – Born Leaders Mentoring Program Sadarrius M. Lewis CEO






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Homegoing Celebration For Edith Battle Rocky Mount NC

My condolences goes out to the entire family of the late Edith Battle Rocky Mount, NC.

I remember when Edith joined us at Honeywell working in the DEEC Department. She was a sweet lady and didn’t bother anyone. When her health failed she was working in the EMIDS Department. My cousin was her pastor.

I believe Edith could relate to the following song! A fighter she was.

Song: Brian Courtney Wilson – Worth Fighting For

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Viewing: Check by later

Funeral Service: Check back later

Body Entrusted to: Check back later

Ex-Princeville mayors seek police force – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: I don’t get it. I have been to meeting after meeting and I have heard these 2 cry. Well my ignant opinion the dollars do not add up. They say it cost $250,000 at the moment to have policing but they say they can have their own police department at the cost of $184,000 a year with 2 officers. Well so my question will those 2 officers cover Princeville  24 hours a day? What will happen if one gets sick or need some time off? What will happen when one will want to take vacation? I understand these 2 want their own police department but they don’t have the money to really run a police department I don’t believe. I think everyone would agree with these 2 if Princeville could afford their own police department that would be the best thing but until then it is what it is. But just my ignant opinion.

PRINCEVILLE — Two former Princeville mayors are telling the Town Board of Commissioners its past time they had their own police force.

Ed Bridgers, mayor from 1974-81, recently presented the board a petition with the signatures of more than 200 residents who want a police department during Monday’s town meeting. Bridgers has been pushing for a police department at town meetings for the past several months.

“Since November 2015, I’ve been begging for a police department and nothing has been done about it,” Bridgers said, adding he’s met with town staff but disagreed on whether the town had enough money for a police department.

The Princeville Police Department ceased operations in late 2014 after the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a request from Princeville and the Local Government Commission for the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office to take over law enforcement duties for the town. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Memorial Day Don’t Confuse With Veterans Day

Memorial Day per Webster

So what is the day all about? It is about celebrating the life of those whom have served in the armed forces that have died fighting for you whether we like the military or not.

So why do some folk bring living veterans into the equation? Living veterans are on the Veterans Day list and we celebrate them on that day.

Folk let’s stop misleading folk. We need to stop disrespecting folk, situations and etc. and stick to what moment it is at the moment.

Today I celebrate the life and legacy of family members including my family as this day is set aside for all deceased folk whom have served in the armed forces.

Wow, again another ignant moment!