Obama issues school rules on transgender bathroom use – Yahoo News

The Watch Dog response: So is this saying that if a man that has a penis and a woman that was born with a penis with both sex organs can use the same bathroom or is it saying that a woman who wants to be a man but has a vagina only can use the same bathroom as a man?

My ignant self is confused so can ya help me?

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama’s administration told schools across America on Friday they must let transgender students use the bathroom of their choice, taking an intensifying battle over civil rights to the national stage.

Hailed by activists as a breakthrough, the move triggered an instant backlash from conservatives who perceive it as a threat to children’s well-being, with a top Texas official refusing to comply with Obama’s “blackmail.”

In a letter to public school districts and universities, the Justice and Education Departments laid out guidelines on creating a safe environment for transgender students, in accordance with existing laws on discrimination.

“There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the top US lawyer who delivered a powerful speech in support of transgender Americans earlier this week. (Yahoo News)


One thought on “Obama issues school rules on transgender bathroom use – Yahoo News

  1. Inbox from a white female friend, I totally agree!

    Curmilus, I respect that you speak your mind and stand up for your values and beliefs. Because I believe you respect others’ right to do likewise, I am sharing this thought. As I “understand it”, trans in transgender means that, in order to bring their physical features in conformance with their mental / psychological identity) that person is changing, or has changed (via hormonal treatment and surgery) the gender which was assigned to them at birth. So, once a woman has changed her body to be the man she (now he) believes / feels she (now he) is, why would we want that (formerly and by birth certificate) woman but now) man to use the women’s bathroom?


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