Folk Are Funny

I am not going to tolerate ignance anywhere home, church, work or etc. Folk talk about folk all the time but when the talk is about them they get mad. Ain’t that nothing!

We are living in a world where it seems as if the church is where folk want to use folk to make a name for themselves. I am beginning to look at folk in a whole different perspective the older I get.

I don’t say some things because folk can’t handle trues but I am beginning to stop holding back some things because I feel if I do, and something happens that I should have said something, then that ain’t right.

I am so glad I don’t get mad about simple stuff because sometimes it is some things that goes on that we get caught up in and when things get ugly, folk get mad with what was said and with the one that put it out there. Well I do not and will not say anything that I have to be scared to have to repeat again if questioned. This is why I like to document stuff and make it available so it can’t get twisted.

I am also looking at who support me versus those who say they do. Now those donations that I have received them folk have shown me some love. I will forever be in their debt because no matter what the amount was they sent, it is the love and not the amount that matters.

And I don’t want to to leave out those who have given me encouraging words because that was all they had to give. Folk need to be encouraged every now and then. Folk love to know they are appreciated.

There are some folk who want to silence other folk well I refuse to be silent. I don’t want to silence anyone but I will not allow their ignance to go down without a response if I feel it need one.

Well folk there comes a time when one must make some changes in their lives be it small and/or large. For me, it is time for a change! So if you see me acting differently, just say Cha Change!


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