Seven things I’m learning about transgender persons – Baptist News Global

I don’t know much about transgender issues, but I’m trying to learn.

How about you? How much do you really know about this subject beyond all the screaming headlines and concerns about who goes to the bathroom where?

The truth is that I don’t know any transgender persons — at least I don’t think I do. But with the help of a pediatrician friend and a geneticist friend, I’m listening and trying to learn. This is hard, though, because understanding the transgender experience seems so far outside what I have ever contemplated before. And the more I learn, the more theological questions I face as well. This is hard, even for a pastor.

Here’s some of what I’m learning from my friends who have experience as medical professionals dealing with real people and real families: (Baptist News Global)

Tarboro NC: Wiggins Crossroads – Scene Around My Neighborhood This Week So Sad

Tuesday May 10, 2016

Fatal car accident near Wiggins Crossroads. I arrived on the scene around 5:30 PM and left close to 8:30 PM.

My neighbor Lillian Parker Sherrod was mowing her grass and a SUV driven by Jennifer Phillips ran off the left side of the road hit Sherrod and she died instantly.

The female driving the SUV was transported to a local hospital but has been released.

It has been reported by WITN that charges may be filed.

I pass by the location where the accident happens everyday morning and evening so this will stay with me for a long time.

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Politics – I Refuse To Play It Safe Rocky Mount School Split Who Is Behind It?

I have been actively engaged in politics since the late 80’s and I have seen the way issues and people are dealt with. Folk don’t want to call it like it is because they are either scared and/or want to just simply play it safe while nothing changes.

I represent the everyday folk those who don’t know what is going on and when they hear sound bites on the TV and hearing folk talk amongst them as they come and go, they simply don’t understand what the real is at hand and who the folk are that are truly the problem. This is because some don’t want to stir up yep that’s right, but they act as if they want to see change. Well change do not come by chance but by only by fighting. The only way to fight is to fight with calling out the trues so that folk can know what they are up against. One can’t fight if they don’t have a personal interest in a fight. Folk without a personal interest in a fight will simply choose to just walk away but not knowing that they are going to be beat down when they should have been told why they were going to be beat down by the folk in the know.

I have said this before, when the Rocky Mount City Council was about to become a black majority it was reported in a Common Ground Meeting that the white powers that be said that if the Rocky Mount City Council became a black majority that they would move out of Rocky Mount. They said the council would be a black majority but the white powers that be would have the money. Well they have been fighting this black majority council since they took office. It reminds me of the same situation when we voted in the 1st Black President, the Ignant Racist White Folk have been fighting him from day one til now although he is on the way out of office. But the difference with the city council they can’t seem to get these guys voted out and the main thing is they can serve until voted out unlike the President has term limits.

How the talk of the split came about. Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis white male brought it out. He is the spokesperson for the powers that be some white and some black. Robbie and friends have a problem with the Rocky Mount City Council so they do not want the black majority city council to appear that they are doing all they can to make Rocky Mount a better place to live, work and play. Thanks to the whites on the council who are trying to do what is best for all folk in Rocky Mount but not not limited to. Davis and friends do not want the Rocky Mount City Council at the table so when you are not at the table you are on the menu. Davis and friends do not want the Rocky Mount City Council to give money towards the school system making up the gap difference from which the monies come from Edgecombe County Public Schools so they try to scare the hell out of folk in Rocky Mount by trying to paint a picture of what is and what ain’t a problem. The school situation as is only problem is that the schools on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount has been neglected while the schools on the Nash side has been kept up and/or new schools have been built.

In the beginning all of the Nash Commissioners even the Democrats Fred Belfield, Lou Richards and Mary Wells voted along with Robbie and the other Republicans. Then after some folk questioned the Democrats they spoke out that they were against. But then recently Belfield came up with a plan but was rejected so the vote was all in favor again. But the most recent is now the Belfield and the 2 other Democrats say they didn’t get all of the information and felt they were pushed to agree with Robbie and crew so they sent out a press release stating such. But why did they vote again with Robbie and crew if they felt like they were forced to.

Folk it is not about the school split. It is about POWER!

Oh but folk don’t want to talk about these trues and want to beat around the bush. This is why it takes so long for change because folk don’t say what they mean and mean what they say. Well I ain’t the one!

Now Run & Tell That!

Folk Are Funny

I am not going to tolerate ignance anywhere home, church, work or etc. Folk talk about folk all the time but when the talk is about them they get mad. Ain’t that nothing!

We are living in a world where it seems as if the church is where folk want to use folk to make a name for themselves. I am beginning to look at folk in a whole different perspective the older I get.

I don’t say some things because folk can’t handle trues but I am beginning to stop holding back some things because I feel if I do, and something happens that I should have said something, then that ain’t right.

I am so glad I don’t get mad about simple stuff because sometimes it is some things that goes on that we get caught up in and when things get ugly, folk get mad with what was said and with the one that put it out there. Well I do not and will not say anything that I have to be scared to have to repeat again if questioned. This is why I like to document stuff and make it available so it can’t get twisted.

I am also looking at who support me versus those who say they do. Now those donations that I have received them folk have shown me some love. I will forever be in their debt because no matter what the amount was they sent, it is the love and not the amount that matters.

And I don’t want to to leave out those who have given me encouraging words because that was all they had to give. Folk need to be encouraged every now and then. Folk love to know they are appreciated.

There are some folk who want to silence other folk well I refuse to be silent. I don’t want to silence anyone but I will not allow their ignance to go down without a response if I feel it need one.

Well folk there comes a time when one must make some changes in their lives be it small and/or large. For me, it is time for a change! So if you see me acting differently, just say Cha Change!

Obama issues school rules on transgender bathroom use – Yahoo News

The Watch Dog response: So is this saying that if a man that has a penis and a woman that was born with a penis with both sex organs can use the same bathroom or is it saying that a woman who wants to be a man but has a vagina only can use the same bathroom as a man?

My ignant self is confused so can ya help me?

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama’s administration told schools across America on Friday they must let transgender students use the bathroom of their choice, taking an intensifying battle over civil rights to the national stage.

Hailed by activists as a breakthrough, the move triggered an instant backlash from conservatives who perceive it as a threat to children’s well-being, with a top Texas official refusing to comply with Obama’s “blackmail.”

In a letter to public school districts and universities, the Justice and Education Departments laid out guidelines on creating a safe environment for transgender students, in accordance with existing laws on discrimination.

“There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the top US lawyer who delivered a powerful speech in support of transgender Americans earlier this week. (Yahoo News)