Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy My Moma On This Day!

imageMay 7, 1936 – September 17, 1997

One of the greatest women to ever walk the face of this earth was born on this day 80 years ago.

I miss her but I thank the Lord for allowing me to spend the years that he gave to me with her.

Someone asked me will I go put flowers on the grave I said no. I said I gave her her flowers while she was living. I was there before she got sick and I was there until the day I walked out of her room and everyone started hollering and I picked up my phone and called the funeral director.

Other folks choose to put flowers on the grave and that is all well and fine but I just choose not to. She will always be in my heart all the days of my life.

This is me and Carolyn Clark moma!

“I Remember Mama” Shirley Ceasar