Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools & Edgecombe County Public Schools Split Conversation

This mess was started by Robbie Davis Nash County Commissioner. Why? Do some research.

The city of Rocky Mount can not be one county so that is not an option.

Nash is progressive on the backs of the folk who live on the Edgecombe side that have to go over there to shop.

Don’t understand the part about Edgecombe wants to do more for Tarboro when the chair of the Edgecombe County Commissioners live in the city limits of Rocky Mount Leggett Road as a matter of fact.

Don’t understand the part about the city does more for Nash than Edgecombe since the present council. The present council came in and revealed why the Edgecombe side has been left behind.

My problem with this is since Nash County got the damn bond referendum money from Edgecombe and didn’t spend the money on the schools on the Edgecombe side then they ought to be made to pay it back. Oh they paying it back by saying now is the time for us to send them black children to Edgecombe County Public Schools.

And then you get a Safe Negro to push the agenda.

Hell this is a white folk agenda let them push their own agenda.

But just my ignant opinion though!

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