An Open Letter To Kelsie Andrews In Response To Well Ain’t Karma A Bitch!

imageI was shocked when I read on Taro Knight’s wife page around 2 weeks ago that he was in the hospital having a temporary life challenging moment. My heart was heavy not only to learn my brother and friend was in the hospital but I also thought about his wife was going to have a challenge trying to take care of him and her mother especially when she will have to travel daily from Tarboro to Greenville and trying to work. I know it is a job just trying to take care of one patient at a time but 2, wow.

I was shocked again on Saturday morning when I began receiving numerous emails about your comments. The first post I didn’t know where to find your comments. I looked on Tarboro 27886 and The Edgecombe Tribune but didn’t find anything. But before I could get to work on yesterday morning another message came in and bingo there was the screenshot.

For me your comments are unforgiveable. To say “Well ain’t Karma a bitch” and post the following link to the article, Tarboro councilman battles health threat to someone who is lying in a hospital bed going through a serious life challenge is a ignant as hell and since you do not look black I would add racist. I don’t care what your issue is with Taro this is cold-hearted as hell is hot.

I read comments that said you worked with EMT and if you do work with such an entity that deals with all folk then you need to be more sympathetic about folk. If I was ignant I would think that if you had to deal with Taro or someone whom you have an issue with, that you may mistreat them in the process. That ain’t right.

I am not speaking on behalf of Taro but I am speaking out against your ignant racist comments because we should not want to see anyone suffer with with body challenges especially when the treatment is going to last for such a long period of time.

I could ask you why you felt so strongly making such a comment publicly, but you see it does not matter because I don’t care what it is you shouldn’t want to be rejoicing in anything of such magnitude. Taro is not only going through a challenge but it affects his entirely family wife, children and other.

I could ask you why you felt so strongly making such a comment publicly, but you see it does not matter because if you cared about folk going through life challenges you would not speak out because Karma could come back to haunt your ass and it may not be you but a family member or close friend.

For me again your comments are unforgiveable but just like me, I will get over it and Taro and family will too. However you will deal with this in some type of way if nothing but it will ride your conscious for quite sometime but then again you just may not have one.


They Say I Been Banned From Pines Chapel Oh Well Whey Da Do Dat At?

Since folk are still saying to me that they heard I have been banned from Pines Chapel and ask me why. First of all ban didn’t come up in the conversation when my uncle was sent to me. I said all I know he asked me about do I need to get permission to video and that I had talked about their church on Facebook. I didn’t ask him any questions because he do not know anything about Facebook and he probably didn’t even understand what they were talking about because he know who I am because he is my moma’s brother and we are not strangers.

When I post on my Blog it automatically goes to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Read the 2 Open Letters to the church and this is all I have to offer. I have no clue of what they are saying that I have said negative about their church. I have family and friends there.

What I will say though is if I say anything about anyone, church and/or etc. I dare you to challenge me on what I say because it will be the truth and I will stand behind whatever I say.

Click on the following link Open Letters To Pines Chapel and you figure it out because I haven’t heard from anyone from the church in response to my letters.