HB2 Bill How It All Began!

Reuben Blackwell Let’s understand where this all started. In 2008, when North Carolinians voted for Sen. Obama and pushed forward the momentum in the South to elect a person of color to lead the world, GOP leadership opted to unravel gains our state’s majority voted for. So with millions of dollars poured into political coffers and media, two years later new GOP legislators were elected. Two years later in 2012, NC was gerrymandered and the rest is history. Since then, every bit of progress our state made has been attacked and eroded. So when I and others ask for recognition and support for poor people and black people, and others turn their heads and say, that’s not my fight or my problem, just know that one day your card might be pulled! Race matters, justice matters and black lives matter. As we go…so do you! So grow a backbone and a conscience and oppose this hateful, onerous and ignorant law. And then when it’s repealed, keep standing for justice for everyone….INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE!

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