Tarboro Town Councilman, Interim Mayor Taro Knight Is Going Through A Temporary Situation Please Pray For Him And The Family


Taro Knight Interim Mayor/City Councilman during the March Tarboro Town Council regular monthly meeting.

Please honor his wishes. When I seen his lovely caring wife post a couple of days ago about my friend Taro Knight being sick I reached out to her in her inbox. She shared with me what was going on with him and I said to her to tell him he is going to be just fine and that I am just a phone call away.

On Wednesday morning at work when I went to break I seen I had a message from Taro and I was overwhelmed to call him. I didn’t get him right then on my 10 minute break but he called me back before I had to go back to work. Wow!

My friend shared with me he was going through but he was going to fight it. I said to him I would be praying for him and that he was going to be just fine. He said he wanted to let me know what was going on and I told him I had talked to his wife. He said stay in touch.

I told my friend that I would and that I would not be coming to see him but would be coming to check on the family to see if they need anything. Been working 10 hours and then had to go to New Bern after work yesterday because my mother in law was ill.

Going to work at 6 AM and got to video a funeral at 2 PM. I am going to go visit the sick after the funeral.

Again please honor Taro’s wishes. He do not need anyone to visit to see what he look like or to see that he is having a temporary situation. He is going to win this but only with folk being respectful.

I understand Taro was on the radio on Monday also sharing his temporary situation and said honor his wife call for him to not have any visitors. They have shared what his current situation is so allow him to go through this and at the end of the day he will share his testimony with us.

Also know that Kim takes care of her elderly mother as well so also keep her in prayer as she has much to deal with.

God will ………

Original message From Vernal Kimberly Knight

With that being said Overseer Vernice Alexander-Dingle….. Woke on this beautiful blessed day praising God ALmighty for his many blessings and favor. I’m asking again Please please please honor the Drs wishes and not visit Taro physically. There are so many ways to reach out to him these days. He has acute myeloid leukemia, which is cancer of the bone marrow. It is very treatable; however he is tAking chemotherapy and his immune system is extremely low. I’m not laying.any blame anywhere but he has contacted a bacterial infection now and they are treating it but we really need everyone to cooperate with us and his team of Drs please. The greatest news is that he is still in good spirits so keep the prayers a d calls coming. We love you all and God bless!


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