Church Folk

imageAnd folk do not understand why the church is talked about. Because there are some ignant asses in the church who think they own the church because they have been attending it for many years, paid their tithes, hold a title deacon and mother so and so but what tickles me is that when one join the church, they have the same rights and privilege that one has that has been there longer. But if the truth be known, they may not have even been doing all they say they have been doing all them years.

I promised myself years ago that I would not go to church and raise hell because the church is suppose to be a place of peace, love and healing. Well I will raise hell outside the church because sometimes it need to be done. It need to be done in the church sometimes but I refuse.

Over the past several months but not limited to, I have experienced some of the most ignant mess going in the church. I have been lied on by some in 2 different churches but the problem is the folk with the issues with me didn’t have the guts to come to me because if they did it would have been on. So therefore I had to indirectly address them.

One mother said I attacked her because I addressed her comments nicely and everyone agreed with me that I did not attack her because I didn’t make it about her. She asked for a meeting to be held with the pastor, her and I but guess what she didn’t show up. I had my response in writing and was going to have very little to say. It has been around 2 months now and no resolve.

The other was with my videoing at a church capturing their pastor and the choir because folk had been asking me did I have some video coverage of the pastor. So one day I videoed them on my phone and I posted it on Youtube and they received around 500 views and folk were loving it. A group of men sent someone to me who could not explain the situation to me so I could not really ask them any questions. I tell you you would think these guys were dealing with some big balls but I see now. I have made the videos of the last thing I videoed there private so they can not be viewed. I dropped a letter off at the church conference meeting and asked for the the men who had a problem with me videoing to address me directly and after around 2 weeks I have not received a response. I had not mentioned it to my wife so 2 days ago she asked me why was I kicked out of videoing at a church. I said I don’t know what is going on so I don’t know what to say.

The problem I am having with this whole thing is not about videoing but it was said that I said something negative about the church and noone has responded to my letter to tell me what I supposedly had said.

I video funerals for free because that is how I give to the families vs taking food and or just a card. But sometimes I take food too. I remember taking a tailgate special to 3 different families in the same week and I also videoed the funerals for free. Who does that? Every funeral someone may say they want a copy and I tell them they have to get with the family and if they say it is okay then I will, keep in mind the family ain’t paying me to video and I give them anywhere from 2 plus copies, according to how close I am to the family and how many siblings so therefore selling a copy would help me to buy some DVDs. But the majority of the families deny folk from getting a video.

I have been giving back to the community for years via videoing services and with all of the videos I have done, I should have a huge bank account but I have sacrificed much. I don’t advertise selling videos because I am not into that but if someone ask for a copy, I will sell them one. That happens very rarely. However most of my videos I try to put them on the internet and give folk the opportunity to look at them for free. This comes with a cost. Sometimes I even take a vacation day or put off doing other things with my family to be a blessing to families during the homegoing of a love one. Majority of the families don’t even give a me donation but that is okay because I know from whence my blessings come. You see when I say I am being a blessing to others, not, the blessing is coming through me but it actually comes from the one who sits high and looking low. It ain’t about me.

Folk don’t get it twisted. I don’t raise hell in the church but now when we are in the street it is a different story. I don’t lie on folk and I advise others not to lie on me. I know you and you know me.



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