Ignant Black Folk When It Comes To Politics

Listening to Rev. Al Sharpton this morning and it never seems to amaze me how ignant black folk make comments but can’t back up what they say.

One ignant said black folk ought not vote for any Democrats. Ignant crazy because Rev. Al asked him who we gonna vote for because we don’t have but 2 Democrats running for President? Ignant said he didn’t know. Wrong answer. Although you may not like all about the Democratic candidates, it is the Democratic agenda for me. There is nothing in that other party agenda that I like.

One ignant talked about President Obama being a black man bailed out banks but didn’t give any of the money to black folks. Rev. Al said damn the white boys wouldn’t even vote on anything to help their parents so what make him think they were going to help black folk.

Folk vote for either Democratic candidate for President that you like the best however which ever one wins the Primary let’s unite in the General Election and re-elect a Democrat for President.