Expenses In Trying To Offer Services Out Of Pocket

Around 2 weeks ago I decided I was going to learn how to upload videos to Youtube because loading them up on Livestream people could not see them on a cell phone or a tablet.

I attended Dr. Elbert Lee Homegoing Service and I videoed Councilman/NAACP President Andre Knight and Senator Angela Bryant and Congressman G.K. Butterfield remarks. I loaded them up on Youtube and since that time I have loaded up around a total of 25 videos. What I like about this new thing is once a program/event or etc. is over I can begin the upload process right then. But what I learned on yesterday is when I checked my data on my phone I had 18 GB and I had used 31 so I have had to add 40 GB to my data plan which is going to take my data plan to $200 plus to complete the Month of March which I have 9 more days to go. This means I will wait until I get home to load videos or if I be somewhere else that has Wi-Fi.

I just recently asked for donations to help with purchasing a new camcorder and then to learn that I have created another big trying to make my services more convenient for other folks so they can see videos on my phone. However I must admit doing videos on my phone is less work. For now using the camcorder on my cell phone is in HD (High Definition) so quality of the picture is great. My camcorders that I have now are not HD so when loading videos from them the quality of the picture is not good.

As the present time I have received $415.00 and the camcorder cost is $719.00 without tax and etc. I stand by my word that I will not cash or spend any of the money until I have received enough to purchase the camcorder.

Now going back to expenses this is not counting gas, wear and tear on my vehicle and etc.

I do what I do because I love to educate folk on what is going in Edgecombe County but not limited to. This is good for folk who live here but also for folk who have moved away and can keep up with what is going on here at home.

When my son graduates in June I plan to become more active covering Edgecombe County but not limited to.

So in my closing just pray that the Lord uses me however he see fit.

Thanking you in advance and know that I love you and it ain’t nothing you can do about it. That is why I do what I do.


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