Hell Yeah Black Lives Matter!

Curmilus Butch Dancy II's photo.

Hell yeah! Black Lives Matter to me and I am speaking for me. However I know, I repeat I know I speak for some other folk so I don’t give a damn if you get offended.

I am a Black Man and my Life Matter.

Now I could understand if I promoted White and Other Lives Don’t Matter but I have never said such a thing.

If White and Others want to promote Their Lives Matter, you damn sure will not offend me.

Some will say why don’t I promote All Lives Matter and I say I am Black and I am letting you know it is personal as I speak for me and those whom allow me to speak for them.

You can twist Black Lives Matter however you wish but at the end of the day I am going to be me.



2 thoughts on “Hell Yeah Black Lives Matter!

  1. Ignant ass I have never stated anywhere that I was buying anything. I explained what I meant about Black Lives Matter and I did not speak to any movement or any incident. However there has been some cases where there have been some whom have been shot but didn’t deserve it and then there have been some whom have been shot that were justified. I ain’t trying to justify any shooting, I am stating a fact ignant ass that my BLACK LIFE MATTER and I know I am speaking for some others whether your ignant ass like it or not.

    Ignant ass I explained it also in the following post recently and again I have not mentioned anything about a movement nor an incident and again explained why Black Lives Matter to me. https://curmilus.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/black-lives-matter-and-the-state-of-edgecombe-county/

    Now Run & Tell That!


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