Is The Black Church The New Plantation? Urban Intellectuals

The Watch Dog response: Fabuloustastic article! Something that I feel need to be discussed abroad.

We have slipped the surly bonds of slavery and yet willingly wear the iron shackles of faith.

Slavery, an entrenched economic, social, and political system involving vast interests was driven by the appetite for maximum profit, no matter how inhumane the process.

Now, in our present society, has the black church adopted the plantation economic platform, becoming so focused on preaching a message of capitalism and individualized gain for the attainment of economic success and personal prosperity, that it has lost sight of its initial calling— serving as the voice for equality and justice and functioning as a service institution for spirituality, emotional support and social improvements? In effect, has it become the master, profiting from the work of its slaves, the congregation? (Source: Read more)

Note: This is an old article but worthy of discussion to me.

Homegoing For Former Mayor John Vines Cobb Jr. Pinetops, NC

My condolences goes out to the entire family of the late John Vines Cobb Jr. Pinetops NC.

I have been knowing Mayor Cobb nearly all of my life. My dad’s family were close to the Cobb family. I was taught music in school by his wife Ann Pitt Cobb. I went to school with Sylvia and I knew the others that worked in the school system. I worked with Mayor Cobb in the Democratic Party on the precinct level to the county executive committee and we worked good together.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Viewing: Sunday, March 6, 2016, from 6:00 ‐ 8:00 pm at Pinetops Presbyterian Church.

Funeral Service: Pinetops Presbyterian Church on Monday, March 7, 2016, at 11:00

Body Entrusted to: Carlisle Funeral Home Inc. Sign Guest Book

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

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Hell Yeah Black Lives Matter!

Curmilus Butch Dancy II's photo.

Hell yeah! Black Lives Matter to me and I am speaking for me. However I know, I repeat I know I speak for some other folk so I don’t give a damn if you get offended.

I am a Black Man and my Life Matter.

Now I could understand if I promoted White and Other Lives Don’t Matter but I have never said such a thing.

If White and Others want to promote Their Lives Matter, you damn sure will not offend me.

Some will say why don’t I promote All Lives Matter and I say I am Black and I am letting you know it is personal as I speak for me and those whom allow me to speak for them.

You can twist Black Lives Matter however you wish but at the end of the day I am going to be me.