Tarboro NC – Edgecombe County HRC Candidates Forum Held And They Had An Issue With A Candidate Being Questioned About His Taxes


Click on photo to watch video of the entire forum.

Yesterday after getting off work at 3:30 PM I had a 4:00 PM appointment at the car dealership. I had to make a stop by the doctor’s office to pick up my daddy’s medical records. I then headed to Tarboro NC to the Candidates Forum held by the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission (HRC).

The 1st question of the night was directed to Calvin Sherrod. Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had an issue with the question see for yourself what happened after then.

The forum should have been for only the local Edgecombe County Commissioners candidates because that is where the most interest was from my opinion as it related to the people in the room.

See my comments at the end of the meeting. Damn it was hard waiting until the end because I wanted to interrupt the meeting to rebuttal the HRC stance on the 1st question of the night.

After Martha Johnson interrupted the meeting, see what she had to say, I really wanted to interrupt then but I decided to wait until the end of the forum.

On another note it appeared and from talking to some folk it the meeting was poorly advertised.

The was no paid media present other than myself.

I announced how I felt about the meeting tonight because I would be posting the video on Youtube.

Watch the video to see what candidates were present and you can make an informed decision about the candidates and how you feel the forum went.


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