Cam Newton & The Carolina Panthers

President Obama Didn't Divide UsIt didn’t start with Cam Newton and it ain’t going to end with him. Just a bunch of ignant racist white folk and ignant safe negroes who as Bernie Mac put it, “You Just Don’t Understand!”

I normally don’t get all into games vocally and publicly but I could not be silent when they made it all about Cam.

Damn they mad because Cam celebrated during the games and called him arrogant.Hater Who Is Irrelevant Responding To Them Make Them Relevant Damn they mad because they learned he was black during the celebrations by dabbing and when he gave footballs away to little white boys, black boys and other. Damn they mad because he made it to the Super Bowl. Damn they love it that he lost but they mad because he is not responding to the lost as they want him to.

Damn get over it!

I remember some years ago when the saying was little black boys were at-risk especially in the school system and I always would respond that all black men were at-risk I don’t care how old they are.

What I don’t understand though is how folk who live in North Carolina and was not a Denver fan could choose them over Carolina especially black folk. But I ain’t mad with them just tickles the hell out of me.

Well I am so glad I ain’t ignant to what is going on around me.

Now run and tell that!