Don’t Get Mad With Me Because I Have Knowledge And Wisdom I Ain’t The One!

Church folk time out for a lot of foolishness!

I have been misunderstood because I am a smart black man when it comes to saying what I mean and meaning what I say. I don’t just say stuff, I think before I say something.

I have been accused of attacking folk because I say what I mean and mean what I say but it was far from the truth. Attack is a powerful word. I don’t attack folk.

See how Webster defines attack. I will challenge anyone who says I have attacked them.

The last time I was accused of attacking someone was during church conference meeting and I have stated over and over again that I refuse to be about confusion in God’s house. However when I say something and it offends you, then that is your problem.

It had been in the making of nominating Trustees and Mothers to be added to the current boards.

The process was that names be submitted to the Deacon board for them to do the vetting process.

The vetting process was done and the names were brought back to the conference (whole church). I was not at this meeting when the names were presented by the Deacon Board. However I understand there were 2 folk who questioned if some of the nominees had served on a board before and stepped down for various reasons, do that qualify them to be able to serve again. Well a member in good standing and after considering serving, been vetted by the Deacons, then they have all rights to serve in capacities in the church plain and simple. Okay I thought that the names were now up to be brought back to the conference (whole church) to be voted on.

Now it was time for the voting at this conference (whole church). One of the 2 members didn’t show up after all of the questions during the conference before. After the ballots were passed out the member who had and still had questions, asked the pastor so what are we suppose to be looking for in the candidates, the criteria, what would their duties be, what criteria should be used. Then the member with the question asked a Trustee what was his duty? Then the member went asked what should we look for to say they are a good Trustee? Another member went on to say the nominees have shown they are qualified.

I then asked can any nominations be done from the floor? Response was no. I asked has anything changed in the by-laws since the last meeting about the duties and qualifications that I need to be made aware of? I said didn’t the names go to the Deacon Board for them to vet and bring back to the conference (whole church). I said I trust in my Deacons and if I had any doubts about anyone tonight on a personal note, I would trust in my Deacons to make a sound decision that they feel comfortable about the nominees serving. I said I am speaking for myself because I can do that so don’t get it twisted because I can do that. I said it again I trust in my Deacons so tonight I can check Yes For or No Against by individuals names because I don’t see why we need to stay here all night because we are all grown folk. I understand others have questions and I ain’t saying they can’t ask question but I just be glad that in some point and time that in the church that we do things and move forward.

The Pastor then said he was going to address this one issue and then we going to vote.

Now if I wanted to show my ignant side and trust me I got one, I would have called for a point of order, since Robert’s Rule could have applied but I was trying to be nice and make it about the process. I stated earlier that I am not about confusion in the church because I refuse to get ignant in the church but that is my desire.

After conference was over the member that had the questions/concerns about the criteria/qualifications for the electing of Mothers and Trustees went to the front of the church and said to the Pastor and others that I attacked her and that I had been doing so and nobody has said anything to me. She said that I was new to the church and she has been there for years. Well I have been there for around 4 or 5 years and she has been there for about 50 I guess. Yes I am very vocal in bible study and I have stated over and over again that I am going to hold folk accountable for their actions and that they hold me accountable as well.

I understand this person said I have attacked them before I want to say that is also a lie because again I have never attacked them.

I have been dealing with this issue since December 30 because I don’t like to be accused of something that is false. I own up to what I do and if I see a need to apologize for being ignant I will. But I can’t see anything I did wrong during this conference nor at any bible study either. It is obvious this person has an issue with me but I ain’t going to change for them.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.