The Global Genius of President Barack H. Obama

When you are considered by millions of people across the nation and throughout the world community to be the “Leader of the Free World,” that is an awesome and serious international responsibility. Do you remember when President Obama was first elected eight years ago? There were numerous pundits who questioned whether or not the first African American to be President of the United States of America had the fortitude and intellectual capacity to provide leadership not only across the country, but also on the worldwide geopolitical stage.

This month as President Obama prepares to enter his last year as president, it is important to state for the record that I believe history will one day stipulate that Barack H. Obama was in fact the most successful President of the U.S. That is a fact in terms of Obama’s leading the restoration of the nation’s economy, reducing the deficit, increasing employment, providing health care for the first time to millions of people, innovating the energy sector, leading the world toward environmental and climate protection, and challenging racism by irreversibly shattering the myth of white supremacy. (Source: Read more)

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