Tarboro NC: Sources Say: K & L Transportation Has Laid Off Half Of Their Workers


Photo: From The DCN Files during the Princeville Christmas Parade

Yesterday I received an inquiry about K & L Transportation Service in Tarboro NC. I was asked had I heard that K & L was having some issues with Medicaid and Medicare Fraud?

I contacted one of my sources and they shared with me what they knew.

This is sad. I was hoping and still hope this business is going to be very successful. I recognize and understand that some folk black and white do not want to see especially black folk do well. Some say that when it looks like a business is growing fast, that something just don’t look right. But my question was how long do it suppose to take for it to look like the owners are prospering.

I have been hearing some things and I have been concerned about how things were going to turn out.

I hope the issues with Medicare and Medicaid can be resolved and soon.


One thought on “Tarboro NC: Sources Say: K & L Transportation Has Laid Off Half Of Their Workers

  1. I just hate this for its many employees and those that faithfully depended on this service. I pray things are resolved and they come back strong. They were a blessing to other larger businesses BC their clients and patients used this service. Just from overhearing conversation Tar River had some issues with medicaid before and put transports on hold for awhile. Pray its a situation that’s similar.


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