Now What? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Has Come Again!

Now what?

Are you gonna keep doing the same things getting the same results?

Are you gonna keep sitting back doing little to nothing but talking about those who speak out?

Hell everybody didn’t like Dr. King then but say they love him now! I can tell whether you love him or not by your actions.

On yesterday Pastor Malcom E. Lewis message was, “What Is Your Purpose?” I think it is time for me to do some Open Letters to my Elected Officials, Want To Be Elected Officials and other folk whom claim they are about what is right.

But on Saturday night Pastor Reuben Blackwell CEO Rocky Mount OIC and Rocky Mount City Councilman said, “It Is Time We Do Better!”

You see if you know your purpose you can do better!

On last night Dr. O.D. Sykes said, “Nevertheless” The truth is the truth.

And then on today, Dr. Florence Armstrong said, “You Need To Get Up, Stand Up and Step Up!” I say that speaks volume, don’t need to add to or take away!


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