So You Can Still Win Some Of The Lottery Without Winning The Jackpot

The Political Agitator’s response: I just don’t understand why folk don’t play 1 more dollar and they may could have won more if they had only played Powerball. Let me go put my tickets in for the week. Cash 5, Mega Million and Powerball and I will be straight for the week for $17. But I may buy an extra ticket on Wednesday and no winner on Saturday.

Nine big wins in Powerball drawing; jackpot rolls to new record

Nine lucky Powerball players in North Carolina got big wins in Saturday’s Powerball drawing as folks tried their luck at a record jackpot. The jackpot did roll, however, and will set a new record of $1.3 billion on Wednesday, or $806 million cash.

Four tickets are worth $150,000 and five are worth $50,000. Thousands of other smaller wins occurred for Tar Heel players in the drawing. The nine wins came in eight different North Carolina counties.

The tickets that won $150,000 were $3 Powerball Play tickets that beat odds of 1 in 913,000 to match the numbers on four of the five white balls and the red Powerball. The regular $50,000 prize tripled after the 3X multiplier was drawn in the drawing. Those four lucky tickets were sold at: (Source: Read more)

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