New school board leaders to strive for unity – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Ya’ll can fall for this ignance all you want but I know how politics work. Now the word on the street was the (Team of 6) were going to vote in Silver as chair and Sharpe as vice. So why would the others on the board (Team of 5) nominate one of their own when they didn’t have the numbers? The shake up came when Chavis-Brown nominated Brown but the 6 had to stick to their plan and if Brown had accepted it would have shown that the (Team of 6) was weak. So the 6 voted together and the 5 still voting together but this article talking about unity. What? This vote shows me this board is still divided and that 4 of the (Team of 6) who just happens to be white didn’t want to be chair or vice chair so if anything goes down they will be the top 2 go after folk. I don’t blame them one bit. So all I got to say is Silver and Sharpe better be on their p’s and q’s because it is all about you and the 4 got enough sense to know it. Brown said she didn’t have time as the chair. If she don’t have time why don’t she get off the board? I have nothing for anyone who are serving on a school board anywhere that do not have 100 percent of their time to give to the children. If this is not the board for her then she need to step down because the school board is dealing with our children which needs 100 percent plus from their board members. I ain’t on nobody side and ain’t mad with anyone. I hope the best from this board but I am far from ignant as it relates to how politics work so don’t get it twisted. I also say what others will not say publicly so you can get mad all you want but one thing about it, I am far from being an ignant black man. I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest!. Now go figure out what is my interest in all of this. Oh for those who will try to discredit me but you can’t, my interest is the CHILDREN! Now Run & Tell That!

The transition to a new chairman and vice chairman of the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education went fairly smoothly this year despite a 6-5 split in the vote, primarily because one school board member threw her support behind the other nominee.

During a brief special called meeting held Monday prior to a reception for Superintendent Dr. Shelton Jefferies on, school board member Doneva Chavis-Brown nominated Brenda Brown to be the new chairwoman of the school board to replace Evelyn Bulluck. School board member Bill Sharpe nominated Reginald Silver for the position.

The school board traditionally changes leadership at the start of every year.

Silver won the post in a 6-5 vote. Board members voting for Silver were . . . . (Source: Read more)


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