New leaders take helm of Nash-Rocky Mount schools – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Some things people say never seems to amaze me. Sharpe said he has become even more impressed with Jefferies since the new superintendent was selected to lead the school system. “The man has humility and integrity and is committed to our kids,” Sharpe said. “The thing that impressed me most was that he drove all the way from Charlotte to Chapel Hill to be at the game when Rocky Mount High School won the championship. After the game, Jefferies told me that he was proud of ‘our’ kids. And that was before he even officially became the superintendent.” I don’t question that man has humility and committed to our kids. But for Bill to say what impressed him the most was that he drove from Charlotte to Chapel Hill to be at the football championship game. For me what has impressed me the most is that he just want to come to Rocky Mount and have to deal with this divided school board which is not about what is best for the children because they are allowing egos and ignance to lead them. Football season is over so it is about all of the children year round no matter what season it is. Yes I am glad the new superintendent attended the game, that was something that he ought to had wanted to do and obviously he did because he was there. But whether if he was there physically or not I am quite sure his heart would have been.

NASHVILLE – Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools experienced a shift in leadership Monday as the new superintendent assumed his post and a new chairman and vice chairman took control of the school board.

N.C. District Court Judge Pell Cooper administered the oath of office to Dr. Shelton Jefferies on Monday evening, just prior to a reception held in Jefferies’ honor. The event was held in the media center of Nash Central Middle School.

Shelton greeted dozens of well-wishers at the event as the Nash Central High School Jazz Ensemble played throughout the reception. After nearly an hour of hand-shaking, Jefferies said he was energized by the warm welcome.

“My dominant emotion today is humility,” Jefferies told the Telegram. “Earlier today, I had the opportunity to meet with all the principals in the school system. I am truly impressed by the dedication and talent of these leaders.” (Source: Read more)


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