26 deer found dead in Pinetops; 5 charged – WRAL

Pinetops, N.C. — When a tip led wildlife officers to a home in Pinetops Sunday morning, they could not believe what they found – 26 dead deer.

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“The deer were in various states of decay,” said Lt. Sam Craft, with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. “Some were just the heads with the antlers, and others were whole deer left to lie in the field.”

Sixteen heads, mostly of bucks, were found in the yard. Ten additional deer were found in various fields across the county.

What do you think?

One of the deer, shot and left for dead, was found wandering in a field. Its wounds were so severe, wildlife officers had to put it down. (Source: Read more)


One thought on “26 deer found dead in Pinetops; 5 charged – WRAL

  1. In July I spent the night up home in our old family home. I awoke about 7:00 AM to find about forty deer grazing around the old home. I went onto the front porch to drink my coffee and they just looked at me and continued to eat. They stayed on the property about two hours, with the little ones playing and nursing. I enjoyed the site and could not think about killing one. When I was a kid the deer would graze around the old home and to find them still coming years later was so surprising, especially fifty years later. They know they are safe on our family property that our people have been on since 1818, 198 years.


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