Breaking News: Nash-Rocky Mount Schools Board Has Voted Reggie Silver Chair & William Bill Sharpe Vice Chair

Sources say Reggie Silver was voted in as chair taking the chair position from Evelyn Bullock whom have been the chair for numerous years. William Bill Sharpe was voted in as vice chair taking the position from the white male Franklin Lamm.

Now this is going to be quite interesting. One would thought that one of the white board members (Team 6) that are responsible for electing Silver and Sharpe would have been elected as the chair or the vice chair? So what is the motive behind all of this?

The next couple of years should be quite interesting, a new black Superintendent and new black chair and vice chair.

But one good thing about it Sharpe term expires this year so will the people re-elect him or send him to the house? Richard Jenkins one of the Team 6 members seat will be up this year also.

Well Silvers and Sharpe have got what they wanted, the power so let’s see how they use it. I believe in what is the purpose of having the power and not using it?

But I also believe it is dangerous to give certain folk the power.


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