When The Families Of The Murdered and Of Those Who Committed The Murder Come Together

When the families of the murdered and of those who committed the murder come together in unity and say enough is enough, then and only then will things change in my ignant opinion. When I hear about the deaths of some of these folk I hear that there will be more to come from within the connected circles.

I have been told that in one of the connected groups that when 1 was killed that they were coming back for 2 of his friends. I understand that has happened recently and I understand this is common.

Candlelight vigils, I have been there done that and for me something else has to take place.

Just my ignant opinion.


One thought on “When The Families Of The Murdered and Of Those Who Committed The Murder Come Together

  1. Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet said that those who are murdered today, were murdered by the one or ones who they murdered in past lives, because reincarnation is a reality of life and death. If one does not totally forgive those who have wronged him or her, they have to meet those same souls again and again. Gradually, all reference to reincarnation was removed from the Books of the Bible, except when Jesus speaks of himself being Melchizedek, who was the high priest. Jesus lived thirty three lives from being created as Adam to becoming Jesus the Savior. Adam’s disobedience of God’s instructions to not eat of the apple, put the burden on Adam to return as the Savior. All we can do is to continue to pray for all to understand what forgiveness means and we must forgive those who have committed wrongs against us.


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