Rocky Mount NC – Man Has Diabetic Attack In Front Of Save A Lot, See Discussion

The Political Agitator’s response: This was forwarded to me to share, please read and please comment. I understand the young man is doing fine. All I am going to say for now is it should not have made a difference why folk thought he was lying there someone should have called 911. Sad!

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Sandra Bryant-Richardson added 4 new photos — at Save-A-Lot food stores.
December 14 at 4:08pm · Earth City, MO ·
Please share and Save A Lot Corporate office need to do something about how he Rocky Mount NC Store handles their customers when in medically need….. Family have been in contact with me and heading to Hospital to be with Albert Pippens thank each and everyone of you for passing the message and helping find his family!!! I want all of you to no that Save A Lot in Rocky Mount Store Manager, Floor Clerk and Cashiers left Albert lying passed out in front of their Store Entrance!!! Yes he was just lying there passed out case of water keys and piece of candy he had just purchased to help him cause he must knew his sugar was dropping and he couldn’t get the candy open in time before he went into diabetic comma…. When I passed and saw Albert lying there I watched him for about 2-3 mins myself to just make sure he wasn’t just lying there for no reason. Then I pulled over and checked his pulse and breathing his eyes was to back of head and non responsive having combustions… When I went into the Save A lot to address this young man in need for help the cashiers was laughing and said OH he just DRUNK I said no I’m medical team and he is sick or mentally disable but not DRUNK!! I then asked to speak ASAP to manager and I was told by same cashier they already no . I then said I want a manger now and when I addressed him told him this person in front of your store front non responsive and WHY no one is with him till medical attention come. Manager said these words it’s not my responsibility and then I said well long as you have anyone helpless on your property and store front it is your responsibility. Then I told him exactly who I was and how I’m going to blast you on FACEBOOK and your picture and store…. Then he said oh… No we called someone he just drunk I said no he’s not if he was he still deserves medical attention while your cashiers front and center looking at him lying out here laughing at this and you telling me it’s not your responsibility. So therefore I want this day to be learning lesson for you and SAVE A LOT the Family need to file a Law Suit against the store Albert was non attended for over 30mins and one of the sales clerk was standing at the corner on break smoking a cigarette and on his phone. Once I informed them who I was and I’m FB them we wanted to explain himself then TO LATE several people said they told them to call for help and another lady Tiffany crying said he was lying there when she went in for 30 min grocery shopping and I was out there with him when she came out and no one had been out to help him … I told them if he was NON BLACK lying out there they would have had every manager out there to assist them?? FACTS!!! Why my Black Young Man lying out here to die is what I addressed. I’m praying that God allow them to feel the same pain his family is feeling at this time and Albert at Nash General KARMA

Sandra Bryant-Richardson’s photo.
Sandra Bryant-Richardson’s photo.
Sandra Bryant-Richardson’s photo.
Sandra Bryant-Richardson’s photo.

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