Found Myself Repeating Myself Quite A Bit In The Past But In The Future It Will Be A 1st & Final Warning

I have found myself repeating myself quite a bit in the past to grown folk but no more. In the future there will be a 1st and final warning.

Now when it comes to children who should know better I will give more than just a 1st and final warning up until I feel they should have gotten the message from previous situations.

I will not tolerate ignorance from either grown folk or children who should know better any longer because life is too short and I have enough of a load to carry.

In a previous post a couple years ago, I stated the older the get the less I will tolerate.

The good master has blessed me today to see my 53rd birthday and I will pick and choose what is of interest to me. I am in control of me so if you don’t like it, then so be it.

Chamber set to host its annual gathering – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Congratulations to Rev. Richard Joyner and Calvin Ballance plant manager at Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant (formerly Consolidated Diesel) who is retiring and will take over as chairman of the Chamber in 2016.

A finalist for the CNN Hometown Heroes awards, the announcement of the new Distinguished Citizen Award recipient and the transfer to the new chairman are some of the highlights for the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce’s 112th annual meeting.

Chamber President Theresa Pinto said the annual meeting is the official meeting of the Chamber’s membership where the organization formally brings in new leadership, recognize outstanding volunteers, conduct a review and talk about strategic priorities for 2016.

The Rev. Richard Joyner, director of pastoral care at Nash UNC Health Care and pastor of Conetoe Missionary Baptist Church, is scheduled to be the guest speaker at the event. (Source: Read more)