Families Of Murdered Victims/Killers Why?

It never seems to amaze me how families of murdered victims be they the victim or the killer why do other family members continue to get caught up in criminal activity.

I can not understand how family members of murdered victim or a killer will continue to get caught up in criminal activity when the parents have already lost one family member, don’t you think that is enough stress? But nope they continue to get caught up and then eventually lead up to another murdered victim and a killer going to jail.

I can talk about how the killing need to stop but until those whom get caught up make up their minds they are going to change, nothing will change.

When family members in good standing begin to talk to those whom they know are out there, be straight up with them and stop talking about they are good folk when they know different. The family seems to have amnesia when a family member is killed or the family member is the killer by promoting their mess talking about they were good folk. This is why you set the other family members up to be killed or to become a killer.

You are part of the problem so don’t expect me to have sympathy for you when I know you know what time it is.

And I don’t want to leave out friends of those whom get caught up because you know too, and that means you are a part of the problem. If you don’t encourage them to stop then what do you think will be the outcome?



Local lawyer tapped to lead state commission – Rocky Mount Telegram

A Rocky Mount lawyer has been tapped to serve as the chairman of the N.C. Human Relations Commission.

R.E. Steve Stevenson III, of the local law firm Stevenson & Puryear, was recently appointed to the position by Gov. Pat McCrory.

The commission helps mitigate tenant-landlord disputes and oversees state fair housing enforcement laws. The commission tries to reach agreements out of court, but if that’s not possible, lawyers are available to litigate cases at every level of the state court system. (Source: Read more)

Church to offer shelter to homeless – Rocky Mount Telegram

It has been an unusually warm start to winter, but Greater Joy Missionary Baptist Church is preparing for the return of cold weather in the weeks and months ahead.

“We have a motto that no one will be left outside in the cold on our watch,” said Bishop Shelton Daniel, Greater Joy’s pastor.

The Joy Shelter within the church opens its doors as an emergency shelter to the homeless between November and March when the temperature falls below freezing or there is a need.

“One morning I got a phone call that someone was sleeping on the church steps. It was so cold the night before, and I said to myself, ‘Wow, I can’t believe someone slept outside in those conditions,’” Daniel said. “Immediately from that day to this day, we have made sure that didn’t have to happen.” (Source: Read more)