Anderson Chapel Church Videos I Recorded Just This Year 100 Count

This is a 100 pack video that I have recorded from January 2015 to December 2015. This is all of the church 1st and 3rd Sunday services along with other events but not limited to my Pastor Rev. Malcom E. Lewis, Co-Pastor Margaret Knight and Sheriff/Deacon James Knight speaking at other churches. Also include others speaking at Anderson Chapel. I make sure my pastor and co-pastor get a copy of the services. I challenged my pastor to take a DVD to the sick and shut in members.

I love what I do and I do this at my expense using my cameras and buying the DVDs. When we have certain events and the kitchen crew is in the kitchen or if we need to use the fellowship hall for an overflow, we have ran cable so there will be tv access in that area.

I have also taken 1000’s of photos as I take 250 to 500 photos everytime I video. So do the math add photos x 100 DVDs.

I also go to my pastor’s 2nd church in Goldsboro NC and video every now and then.

I put the videos on the internet @ Church Events Anderson Chapel MBC TV and the photos on Facebook. The videos roll off after 30 days because if I keep them up I would have to pay for storage.

I look forward to the upcoming year capturing church events in 2016 and sharing it with you, you and you.






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