Football Friday – Congratulations SouthWest Edgecombe You Almost Made It To The Big One

SouthWest hold your heads up high you made a major accomplishment by taking the school to a level it has not been since the history of our school. I have followed our school since February of 1979 when when SouthWest was birthed. I even helped some of the teachers move from South Edgecombe to SouthWest because I got my 1st car in February after getting my license around December 28, 1978 since my birthday is on December 25. I have represented the Class of 1981 all of this time.

I am proud of the Class of 2016 because you will be able to talk about what a great season you had. You were one game away from going to the state something that no other SouthWest Edgecombe team can say. You played hard but fell short.

How I see the loss. We had many chances to seal the game but fell short. The game should have never gone into overtime but we just couldn’t make the big play Some will question why the coach made some choices that he did but I was happy to read in the Rocky Mount Telegram Cougars denied on two-point conversion, lose in overtime to Kinston that he gave the player the opportunity to have some input in what would be the last play of the game by going for the extra 2 points for the victory or the loss. Many fans standing down by the end zone say Pittman broke the plain however the refs said no. Well one must always keep in mind the refs can work for or against you so you have to play the game so that you beat your opponent and the refs also.

All I have to say is when it comes to the refs sometimes I see a need for cameras so that a play can be reviewed. I wish I had been at the goal line with my camera so that I could have actually seen if Pittman broke the plane because just hearing it from my side of the field may not be what really happened. Several said Pittman scored but the refs said no so since I couldn’t tell from the 50 yard line, I respect the refs call however it does not remove all doubt. But I recognize and understand that the refs have the final say.

So for all of the SouthWest fans and the many supporters from Tarboro High and other places who were there to support the SouthWest, we showed up in numbers. One would have thought we were the home side because we outnumbered the home team.