I Love It When Folk Used To Be On Facebook But Now Have A Problem With It

Well whoop the do!

I love it when these folk say they don’t get on Facebook anymore as if it is the worst thing they have ever seen.

Obviously for these folk it was all good when they used Facebook for their time and season but obviously their time and season have ran out. They probably used it to attempt to make them selves out of someone other than who they are, to show off their person be it their body, their clothes and other.

Well if Facebook is used in a positive matter such as educating folk about what is going on with them, sharing positive moments with family and friends and other things that makes sense, then I find Facebook to be a great way to communicate.

Wow! I have connected with family and friends that I have not been in contact with for years. It is good to be able to communicate in real time at the touch of a key.

When I first began using Facebook, I seen it as a tool to reach folk outside of my blog. When I post to my blog it automatically goes to my Facebook page, Twitter, LikedIn and Instagram social media sites.

Since I am still using Facebook for what I started out using it for, I have no problem with it today.

Sometime I see stuff on Facebook and I be saying what? When I see some stuff on Facebook that I feel a need to send the person an instant message, I do just that. Some things don’t need to be on Facebook but it is no different than anything else, you gonna have some good and bad.

One good thing about it all is that at any point and time folk have the right to delete their page, delete their friends and etc. I don’t delete folk unless they become harassers or just post a bunch of filth. I tell folk from time to time to delete me because I am going to say what I mean and mean what I say and if it offend them I understand.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

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