Will Smith Says ‘Racism Is Actually Rare,’ But Prejudice Is Everywhere – HuffPost

Will Smith thinks there’s a problem with the discussion around race in Hollywood today: a confusion, or at least a lack of precision, about two of the issue’s key terms.

Smith, who’s getting serious Oscar buzz for his role as Dr. Bennet Omalu in the upcoming movie “Concussion,” was asked about this highly charged issue during The Hollywood Reporter’s awards-season Actor Roundtable.  Smith explained that he and  wife Jada Pinkett Smith had just been talking about the crucial difference between “racism” and “prejudice.” (Source: Read more)

An Open Letter to the Tenn. Mom Offended by Cam Newton – The Root

Dear Rosemary Plorin,

Do you mind if I call you Rosemary?

I read that you and your daughter attended Sunday’s Tennessee Titans vs. Carolina Panthers game, where you had the privilege of witnessing one of our greatest players today stomp all over your Titans. You also witnessed something that people like to refer to as dancing, which was done by Cam Newton every time your Titans couldn’t prevent him from scoring a touchdown.

I can see how this could possibly make you distraught.

Actually, I don’t. (Source: Read more)