SouthWest Edgecombe Varsity Football 3 Way Tie For 1st Place, 2nd Seed In The Playoffs

Congrats Cougars!
Farmville Central Comes To Cougar Country On Friday November 13, 2015
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SouthWest Edgecombe JV Football 2015 Conference Champs

Congrats Cougars! 8-1 Season
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North Carolina High School Football Playoffs Begin Friday November 13

Farmville Central Comes To Cougar Country

High schools from the east that were awarded two-seeds include Havelock in 3A, SouthWest Edgecombe in 2A, Tarboro in 1AA, and Southside in 1A.

Here’s a list of the noteworthy matchups in the first round. For the complete brackets, go to:

Every first round game will be played November 13 at 7:30 p.m.


(16) New Bern vs. (1) D.H. Conley

(12) Overhills vs. (5) J.H. Rose


(10) Jacksonville vs. (7) Gray’s Creek


(16) C.B. Aycock vs. (1) Eastern Alamance

(9) Southern Nash vs. (8) West Craven

(14) Walter M. Williams vs. (3) Rocky Mount

(11) South Johnston vs. (6) Eastern Wayne

(15) Eastern Guilford vs. (2) Havelock


(9) Northside-Jacksonville vs. (8) Washington

(12) South Granville vs. (5) Beddingfield

(11) Croatan vs. (6) Greene Central


(16) West Bladen vs. (1) Kinston

(9) Ayden-Grifton vs. (8) John A. Holmes

(15) Farmville Central vs. (2) SouthWest Edgecombe


(16) Spring Creek vs. (1) Wallace- Rose Hill

(13) Perquimans vs. (4) East Carteret

(14) Hobbton vs. (3) James Kenan

(11) Union vs. (6) Riverside-Martin

(15) Trask vs. (2) Tarboro


(16) Creswell vs. (1) Plymouth

(9) Columbia vs. (8) Kestrel Heights

(12) Jones Senior vs. (5) Manteo

(13) North Duplin vs. (4) South Creek

(11) North Edgecombe vs. (6) Pamlico County

(15) Southeast Halifax vs. (2) Southside

African-American Missouri Football Players Announce They Will Not Play Again Until University President Resigns – The Big Lead

Several members of the University of Missouri football team sent out a message tonight that they would not take part in any football-related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed from office.

This is all related to a series of racist incidents on the Missouri campus, and the belief by some students who are protesting and demanding Wolfe’s removal, that the response by the University President has been inadequate.

One graduate student, Jonathan Butler, announced that he was going on a hunger strike until the President was removed. Now, the football team is throwing their voice and power behind that protest. (Source: Read more)

Grant to help fund taskforce to fight drugs, gangs – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: When will Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Negroes stop twisting stuff to promote their own agenda. How in the hell did they come up with the Rocky Mount Chief of Police saying that there was not a drug and gang problem in Rocky Mount? I am glad he had the b to take a stand for which he feel is not right. Prove him wrong and then come back to me and talk about the issue of the taskforce and not that drugs and gangs is not a problem. Profiling however is a problem and not legal. But yep just my ignant opinion.
“Drug interdiction and local gangs don’t go hand in hand. Drugs passing through on the highway don’t affect Rocky Mount.”

James Moore
Rocky Mount police chief

NASHVILLE – The Nash County Board of Commissioners gave the go ahead Monday for a state grant application to pay a retired DEA agent to lead a regional antidrug and gang taskforce.

If approved by the Governor’s Crime Commission, the grant would fund a leadership position in a gang and drug taskforce for the 7th Judicial District. The leader would be a Nash County Sheriff’s Office employee managing a taskforce made up of deputies in Nash County; police officers in Nashville, Tarboro and Wilson; and agents with N.C. Probation and Parole and the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation. The Nash Sheriff’s Office still is working with the sheriff’s offices in Edgecombe and Wilson counties to get them to join, Nash Sheriff’s Maj. Dennis Wooten said.

“The Rocky Mount police chief declined to be a part of the taskforce,” Wooten told commissioners.

Wooten said the police chief doesn’t believe the city’s crime rate is driven by drugs and gangs.

Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore said his department isn’t interested in drug interdiction on Interstate 95 and U.S. 64.

“Drug interdiction and local gangs don’t go hand in hand. Drugs passing through on the highway don’t affect Rocky Mount,” Moore said after the meeting. “And it’s impossible to engage in highway interdiction without profiling, something that’s against the inherent nature of contemporary law enforcement.”

Moore said it is an assumption that all crime is drug-related and his department conducts data-driven enforcement.

Rocky Mount has had a successful gang unit since 2012 with an officer winning state recognition for the methods used in collecting information on gangs.

During the commissioners’ meeting, Chairman Fred Belfield recommended Wooten make another attempt to bring Rocky Mount into the fold.

Commissioner Wayne Outlaw said he would like to see Rocky Mount participate in the taskforce.

“I’m disappointed we don’t have more partners,” Outlaw said. “Everyone is always talking about regionalism.”

The taskforce would allow law enforcement to operate across jurisdictional lines within the 7th Judicial District and provide instant, real-time information sharing among partnering agencies as they continue to investigate gangs and drugs in the area, Wooten said.

The original grant is for $25,000 and will pay the salary of the taskforce leader from February to June. A second grant will be sought to fund the salary from July to June 2018.

As the selected leader is a retired DEA agent with federal benefits, the grant will not seek funding to pay any fringe benefits.

The board unanimously approved the grant, which requires no matching funds from the county. The position will be evaluated prior to its expiration.

In other business, the board unanimously approved changes to county ordinances to streamline the process for correcting address problems that could delay emergency response service such as odd numbers being on the even side of a street.

The changes replaced an E-911 committee with a designated Addressing Administrator, set a 15-character limit on road names and set a $50 per day penalty for not complying with addressing requirements. (Source: Original Document)

Black on Black Murder

imageEverybody has a role to play. But it makes it hard when the parents/guardians know what their children are doing and do not try to stop them, it makes it hard on others. First the parents/guardians must be willing to face reality and then others can help.

Now when it comes to teenagers living with their parents/guardians it is one thing but then it is another when you have grown children and know what they are doing and some are enjoying the benefits. You are setting your children up for failure/suicide instead of giving them the ultimatum that you are going to tell on them because you love them. Obviously some parents/guardians don’t love their children until a tragedy arise because if you did you would get your life right along with your children.

Now some of us do the best that we can as parents/guardians and our children make some bad choices but that ain’t our fault.

Cause I Ain’t Got a Pencil – Awesome Example Of The World Today, You Don’t Know My Story

imageLet me make this plain and clear, I have no problem with folk judging me. Yeah they say only God does the judging. Well I live in the real word whereby folk are not all Godly so I deal with the fact of life. Folk talk about folk and sometime it may not even be intentionally but that’s okay for me. They don’t have anything on me because I can talk about them so that makes us equal.

However call it judging or whatever because I hold you accountable and I ask that you hold me accountable. The difference between me and so many other folk is that they don’t do their homework and I do.