In Response To The 15 Year Old Teen That Was Murdered In Rocky Mount Today

I can’t come together and claim other folk kids if they don’t allow me to.

Rocky Mount Police can not control other folk children. RMPD was not with this teen when he was shot so they were not responsible for him. What they are responsible for is trying to solve the crime.

Now there may be some questions such as why he was not in school? Did the parents know he was not in school?

The only question for the RMPD is will they do all they possibly can with the help of the community, I repeat with the help of the community to help solve the crime.

When folk deal with the what is real, what is factual and leave opinions not based on facts and perceptions out of the crime then the better off we will be.

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Prophetess Geraldine Gorham Claytor remembered for compassion, action – Connecticut Post

Timagehe Political Agitator’s response: I didn’t know Prophetess Geraldine (Gerry) Gorham Claytor formerly of Macclesfield NC but I know the family. I used to video and cook for her parents when there was a death in the family and I didn’t charge her daddy. He told me that I was not going to allow him to miss his blessing by being a blessing to me for giving me a donation to my mission work. After reading this article about about Prophetess Claytor my mind goes back to our bible study lesson on Wednesday night as we discussed being Mission Minded! Wow Prophetess Claytor got it, what about you? Are you Mission Minded? To God Be All The Glory! Amen! See the family of the late Prophetess Claytor listed here.

BRIDGEPORT — Prophetess Gerry Claytor had a way of making everyone feel like they were her best friend.

She operated a food pantry for the benefit of the P.T. Barnum Apartments, often without a functional freezer.

She ran a ministry “without walls” after the death of her husband, the Rev. Benny Claytor, that focused on helping others. And she was the personal spiritual adviser to at least one Bridgeport mayor.

Some credit Claytor with being the catalyst for getting the rat-infested Longfellow School building — once it was found to be situated on contaminated soil — torn down and rebuilt instead of simply patched up. (Source: Read more)