NAACP Addresses Spring Valley High Video, Student Who Recorded Video Details Incident – NewOne

The Political Agitator’s response: This video shows should be a wake up call for folk. This should make folk think what is going on and has not been reported. I understand the officer using some force but to me this was too much force.

The South Carolina NAACP chapter has spoken out about the troubling video of a teenage girl being thrown to the ground by a resource officer at Spring Valley High School in Columbia.

President Lonnie Randolph spoke to reporters Tuesday afternoon, calling the treatment of the unidentified Black teen “aggressive.” On Monday, Richland County Sheriff Deputy Ben Fields was filmed flipping a student out of her desk after she refused to leave the classroom for using her phone. The teen was then dragged by her clothes.

Soon after the video was uploaded and gained national attention, Fields was placed on administrative leave. On Tuesday afternoon, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced that Fields was suspended without pay. (Source: Read more)


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