Abandon plans to split school system; reopen talks with Edgecombe – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I agree with this letter.

As the Rocky Mount Telegram and many others have said: It is in everyone’s interest to solve our school funding problem before the state legislature intervenes, and no one benefits from dividing Rocky Mount between the two county districts.

It is clear that Edgecombe County’s current contribution to the school budget is correct, according to the 1992 law. It is also probably true that this leaves Nash residents with a disproportionate financial burden, which four Nash commissioners say is unfair.

But what is “fair?” Edgecombe is considerably poorer than Nash. To require it to pay a strictly proportional share of the budget is unfair, because its financial hit would be much more severe than for Nash. Until recently, Edgecombe has been reluctant to increase its financial commitment.

Some in Nash, therefore, want the legislature to repeal the 1992 law and divide the school system by county. (Source: Read more)


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